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International Camp Counselor Agency

The power and impact of summer camp in campers and counselors' lives is unmeasurable.

The International Camp Counselor Agency (ICCA) was created by Camp Directors FOR Camp Directors who need to meet the demand for quality summer camp counselors with the added bonus of an exciting cultural exchange that benefits both campers and counselors.


ICCA finds talented young people from all over the world who want to join your camp to spend a summer learning, leading and having fun in safe, respectful, quality camp programs.


After hand-picking each candidate, ICCA then goes through a filtering process that concludes with only the best candidate profiles; those, who with proper training and leading from ICCA ,will become the role-model camps look for in a counselor. 


The team at ICCA believes in the power of camp to impact lives of campers and counselors alike. Camp is not only a great experience to be outdoors and enjoy character-building activities, but also a place for cultural exchange within a safe and respectful environment, where everyone learns from each other and shares bits of their ‘world’ with others. 


We can't wait to hear from you! Register for a Camp Employer Account today!

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